Mike Finch is a designer, advisor, and activist.

He's a senior designer at DuckDuckGo, a design director at the Library Freedom Project, and the executive director of PrivacyHaus. He also makes a helluva mixtape.

What I've been focused on lately

Private by Design

In this world of algorithms and big data, how do we ensure our user's privacy is preserved while still creating top-shelf experiences?

User Experience v. Security

Are there times when a user's security should take a backseat to their in-the-moment experience? What are those pros and cons?

Scalable Design Systems

As products and brands evolve, so do your design patterns. What are the best ways to design and maintain future-proof, scalable design systems?

Design's Social Responsibility

With great power comes great responsibility. As designers, what are our political, social, and ethical obligations to our communities?

  • Mike dramatically improved the quality of our design work. I recommend him highly as a designer.
    Hadi Partovi
    Code.org Founder, CEO

Let's do something great together.

My availability varies, but I'm always interested in rad new ideas and do-gooder organizations. If you've got something I should see, let's chat!